Dijaški dom Lizike Jančar Maribor / Student housing center Lizike Jančar Maribor


Student housing center for boys and girls, for secondary schoolers and for students attending University of Maribor. 

For any questions we are always available:

Little about us

The Lizika Jančar Maribor Hall of Residence is located on the right side of the Drava river, in the immediate vicinity of II. Gymnasium Maribor, the Secondary School for Design Maribor, the Secondary School of Nursing Maribor and the Educational Centre Piramida Maribor.

We only have to cross the Old Bridge to get to the city center, where all the other secondary schools are located.

The hall of residence offers 300 beds in double and triple rooms. High-band Wi-Fi is available in all rooms. 

If you are planning for one year,
plant rice!
If you’re planning for a decade,
plant a tree!
If you plan for life,
bring up a human! “

Japanese wisdom

Male and female students are placed on different floors in separate educational groups, which are cared for by eleven well-qualified educators. Each floor has toilets, bathrooms, a clubroom and a classroom. Students also have access to a library with a reading room, music rooms, our youth room, a multipurpose space for events – dining room, a fitness room, air riffle shooting range, a table tennis room, an outdoor sports field with a grandstand and a park with benches. 

We are especially proud of our cuisine. Our chefs prepare excellent dishes for all tastes on a daily basis. In addition to secondary school students, regular visitors to our kitchen are also college and university students, subscribers, and professors of nearby primary and secondary schools.

Help with

Every year 98% of our students succesfully end student year.

Extracurricular activities

We offer more that 18 diverse extracurricular activities.

to schools

More than 10 educational programs in our vicinity.


Great cuisine with 3 healthy and delicious meals.


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Rent a conference rom or hall for special occasions.

Dear newcomers!

The deadline to apply for student accomodation in our hall of residence is April 4, 2022.

You can apply with a completed and scanned (or photographed) application form, which you send to our counseling service (vlastap@ddlizika.si) or to info@ddlizika.si. You can also send the application form by regular mail. Applications received in this way will all be accepted and considered.

In the school year 2022 / 2023, we will admit 70 female students and 40 male students to our hall of residence.

Parents who have more than one child enrolled in a hall of residence at the same time (in this case the payment for accomodation for an older child is fully subsidized) and wish to claim a subsidy for payment for accomodation, must also enclose a completed application for a subsidized accomodation. 

We look forward to seeing you!


Bojana Peruš Marušič, M.Sc., headmistress

& documentation

If you have any questions regarding accomodation, you can write to us here.
All information related to enrollment will also be available at the so called knowledge markets (tržnice znanj), which are events organized by primary schools to introduce students to further educational opportunities.

College and university students!

Applying for a place in our hall of residence is also possible for college students – male and female. We are announcing 6 vacancies for female and 6 for male college students. Students of higher education and university students are offered places until our accomodation capacities are filled. All students have the option of a student lunch.

We’d Love to Help you with that

🍽 Kitchen

Culinary delights will be provided by our chef, Robert Lukas. Robert is a professional chef who regularly participates in various competitions at home and abroad and is the recipient of many medals and awards. He exhibits his culinary achievements at fairs, educates himself regularly and enjoys his work. He is a member of the Association of Chefs and Confectioners of Slovenia, and he also publishes his recipes on culinary web portals.

Full information available on this link.

As part of our commercial activities, we offer you:

Food service

Every meal in our hall is a real culinary delight. We offer individual external guests our daily lunches. Our specialty are also fresh homemade desserts, which we prepare on a regular basis. In addition to excellent food, we will also prepare an attractive catering. You can  order lunch for a larger number of people. We also offer student meals.

Rental of premises for celebrations and catering

In addition to excellent food and always fresh homemade desserts, we always do our best and choose the most suitable from the diverse selection of table decorations and adjust in accordance with the occasion and wishes of the host. We are aware of the importance of table and space decoration for the celebrant as well as for other guests, as this is the only way they will feel good and the whole event will remain in their pleasant memory. Our rooms are lit with natural light and allow different table arrangements depending on the size and dynamics of the group. For more information, please call 041 667 466.

Delicious and beautiful desserts

A good lunch should be followed by a good dessert. Made by the skilled hands of our young and ambitious confectioner Petra, our desserts will brighten your day. We offer: fresh biscuits, desserts made of leavened dough, phyllo dough, strudel dough and shortcrust pastry, beautiful minions, excellent dessert cups and top-quality cakes of various flavors and shapes. We will adapt our services to meet your wishes and needs and make them come true. You can order our desserts from our confectioner and pick them up in person at the side door of our hall of residence.


Our hall offers accomodation for individual guests or larger groups throughout the year and especially during the summer months. We offer accommodation in double or triple rooms. Accommodation includes overnight stays for one day or for several days with breakfast, half board and full board for groups, shared bathrooms, a bed linen, a towel and unlimited internet access. In the warmer months, it is also possible to use the outdoor sports field.

Social and business meetings

In addition to top-quality cuisine and a pleasant ambience, we offer larger groups pre-prepared menus for lunch and dinner, which can also be adapted to special wishes. We have all the necessary technical equipment for lectures, cultural and entertainment programs. In addition to the dining room, there is also a seminar room and a classroom. We also have a parking lot with free parking spaces for our participants.

Rooms / social spaces / dinning room

Few images of our interior

 Our philosophy

“With quality work and respect in interpersonal relationships, we enable young people to develop all-round.”

Developing the resources and potentials of each individual, student and employee, and guiding the young person on the path to independence so that he or she will be able to function effectively on a personal and professional level. With professionalism and personal example, we want to pass on to our young generations the values that enable coexistence and personal development. These are: mutual respect, responsibility, cooperation, creativity and curiosity. With professional competence and personal engagement of employees, we want young people to be equipped with knowledge and skills that will help them throughout their life and train them to be able to solve problems creatively.

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