Ahoj! Hello! Zdravo!

Our names are Alena and Ivana. We are from Slovakia (Slovaška). We are Erasmus+ students and we are studying here on Alma Mater Europaea. We are studying Management on Master´s degree. Our school in Slovakia is Catholic university in Ružomberok but our study program (Economics and Management of Business) is lectured in Poprad. Poprad is a beautiful city under the High Tatras (our highest mountains).

We are here from 5th of February and we will be here for four months. Our new home in Slovenia is Dijaški dom Lizike Jančar. We love it here! And we are really surprised of amazing breakfast! We are really thankful to the doorman and Mrs. Vlasta, because they are very helpful and always make our days better with their smiles! Thanks!

There are so many kind and friendly people and we are looking forward to many experiences with them!

With regards             Alena & Ivana